‘Films cause changes…’

‘It is vitally important that the local authorities watch your films’, Takui Vartanyan, a local NGO activist said after the screening of Eyewitness Studio films in Ninotsminda.


‘After the film ‘Mother-Grandmother’ was shown on the local television, the heroes of the film were provided assistance by the local authorities and charities. Your films have a great impact and they can cause significant changes, – the activist from Ninotsminda said, – this is why such topics should be raised more often, and those whose duty is to concern for people’s welfare, should be let know about them.’


The viewers especially appreciated the film ‘Desperate but hopeful’. The debate over this film changed the overall course of the discussion: the participants switched to the dispute over the gender issues. ‘Females are not the weaker sex, women are strong. The hero of the film demonstrates this – in spite of everything she’s managed to raise normal children; she has enough strength not to lose hope. This is exactly what strength is’, Narine Ginosyan, the leader of the non-governmental organization ‘Paros’, said.



Photography by Diana Petriashvili, Go Group Media
November 7-8, 2011,

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