There are many families like this

‘The film made me recall that there are many families where children are not allowed to use the Internet, or go where they need to; where children are scolded for just entering a café’, Marika Parunashvili, a journalist, said during the discussion over our film ‘Girls have their say’ in Akhaltsikhe.

In the film about the four girls the viewers saw the problem, which often goes unnoticed in this film – migration.


The Eyewitness Studio also held a camera handling workshop for the new authors. As one of its participants, Nana Maisuradze, a student, said, “There are as many film themes, as the people around; and every person is interesting in its own way.” Nana has already begun working at her first film, it will tell about the life of her grandma.

Photography by Mate Demetrashvili, Go Group Media

July 12–13, 2012,

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