‘They Won’t Disappear” – Go Group Media’s new film

Go Group’s Caucasus Authors’ Course (CAC) media school has produced a new film entitled “They Won’t Disappear”. This is a unique film in the Caucasus cinematography, telling about the life of ethnic minorities. The major part of them lead an isolated life far from the center. They always get in the focus of media and public attention through negative news.

The film was shot in Azerbaijan’s mountainous region and tells about the life of Lezgins residing there, featuring their daily routine and a strong desire to survive. The film was produced by Aygun Rashidova, CAC student (2015/2016 academic year).

The Caucasus Authors’ Course (CAC) was set up by Go Group Media in 2011. This is a unique, one-year intensive training course for young journalist from South and North Caucasus.

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