Connecting Caucasus

Go Group Media is a nonprofit organization works in the South Caucasus. We see our mission as contributing to transformation of the Conflicts by enhancing the quality of media and citizen journalism throughout the region.

Our Programs

Eyewitness Studio

We provide training and cameras to ordinary members of public to empower them to produce short engaging documentaries on issues that matter to their communities.
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Journalistic Expeditions

We bring local journalists to different parts of the Caucasus to investigate the issues that go under- or misreported in local media mainstream
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CAC school

The unique and unprecedented school of journalism brings together the reporters from across the Caucasus, including the conflict areas. We engage young journalists in a joint learning experience, teaching them to produce fact-based, conflict-sensitive reporting using photo, media and text
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JAMnews is a unique media platform which offers latest news about the developments in the Caucasus region, reporting exclusively verified data. We offer professional and impartial analysis on the major trends and developments, thus seeking to help people from different regions of the Caucasus to get to know each other better.
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